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It's a wrap.

We've had a very busy year and have been involved with some very exciting projects. We're currently in the process of finishing one of our biggest projects ever which we'll make sure we'll share with you when it's complete.

One particular project that we've just completed was certainly something different. This project is the type of thing we specialise in and why many companies call upon us when they need more than 'just a sign'.

One of our long standing clients were in the process of managing a large re-fit for an international company based in Newbury, Berkshire. To fit in with their brand image they required all the white window frames in the new offices changed from white to black. As repainting them wasn't an option Solar Graphics were tasked with wrapping each individual frame matt black.

Most of the pieces were pre-cut to aid with the large installation. Once wrapped the frames now tie-in nicely with the new decoration and will also act as a protection layer for the white frames beneath.

Do you have a project that's out of the ordinary? We specialise in bespoke projects across the UK.






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