Product Spotlight : Digitally Printed Walls.

With the massive leaps in digital printing technology and the almost endless list of materials now available to the sign industry, we are now in a position to really push the boundaries of design and print to produce some incredible eye-catching signage.

Armed with little more than a high quality image and our design studios imagination we are now able to produce in-house some impressive digitally printed wall designs that will not only enhance your brand, but make your offices and work spaces an exciting place to work.

Many finishes are available, from printed etch effect vinyls through to poster and adhesive wall coverings. Utilising our own large format Jetrix printer we are able to undertake all the printing in-house so we can ensure that the quality is not compromised and lead times are kept to a minimum.

Do you have a bland area that would benefit from one of our digitally printed wall designs? Give us a call on 01376 552209, or email us on and see if we can help.

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